Stories you are inspired to share
for a lifetime.

What you are looking for is a wedding photographer that is going to be emotionally connected to you and your day.


It’s not all about the wedding album or the digital files.


It’s the story that endures….

We vowed to experience every special moment during the wedding day and still we missed so many precious things. 

We create stories of the most important moments in peoples lives.

To complete the documentation of your special day, we’d highly recommend having a wedding cinematographer that is creatively candid as we are.


Filmed with love.

Imagine a day of love & laughter with your cherished family and friends,
where it isn’t all about being posed for wedding photographs.



It’s a magical celebration

where you have the freedom to:

  • Experience each moment honestly
  • Have a blast with the bridal party
  • Steal some quiet moments together
  • Laugh…. alot.

What our couples say

  • Julianne + Tony<br />Luk
      Julianne + Tony

      We warmed to Bailey very quickly. He made us feel at ease in front of the camera. Bailey’s fun nature, humour, patience and hospitality made our planning and wedding day much more special. We will never forget the night when we went through our baby photos for the guest book at Bailey’s place, over a bottle of wine, until the early hours of the morning.

    • Kat + Luke<br />Sheridan
        Kat + Luke

        I love you!

        I can’t thank you enough for being able to capture these precious moments on such an important day of our lives. Thanks for your artwork and being such an awesome person + photographer + friend. Totally overwhelmed.

      • Anna + Frank<br />Di Palma
          Anna + Frank
          Di Palma

          Your professionalism and fun, passion and drive, is out of this world! Our guests are still commenting on how passionate you were and they are the ones telling us, they cant wait to see our photos and footage!!! Says a lot when our guests notice this too!

          Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

        • Carolyn + Andreas<br/>Skyllas
            Carolyn + Andreas

            Thank you so much for yesterday! We absolutely loved every moment with you guys :) you made the day so enjoyable and dealt with our crazy ass bridal party so well! It honestly felt like you all became part of our bridal party it was such a great time. We can not wait to see the photos :)

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          We are based in Sydney Australia, and are available for interstate and international weddings as well.