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Hi! We’re destination wedding photographers & cinematographers based in Sydney Australia, and we are lovers of weddings, of style, the gorgeous light and are romantics at heart. We invite you to share our visual expressions of the most important moments in our couples’ lives.

I love you! I can’t thank you enough for being able to capture these precious moments on such an important day of our lives. Thanks for your artwork and being such an awesome person/photographer/friend. Totally overwhelmed.

K & L

A classic movie is timeless.
A classic photograph is an heirloom.

Bailey Wang, WSS

Thanks for being part of the bridal team and being our photographer. I knew about a year ago I made the right choice choosing you as our photographer to capture our day.

L & M

We also warmed to Bailey very quickly. He made us feel at ease in front of the camera. Bailey’s fun nature, humour, patience and hospitality made our planning and wedding day much more special. We will never forget the night when we went through our baby photos for the guest book at Bailey’s place, over a bottle of wine, until the early hours of the morning.

Tony and I love that Bailey and Gabby captured all of the right moments through the day. There was a mix of intimate and fun moments and some “wow” photos. Despite how hot the day was and the limited time we had, the guys were so focused, professional and fun to be around.

J & T

The best, love waking up to his face every morning and falling asleep to it every night. I can’t remember life before marriage now. He’s so excited to see the photos he’s like “tell Bailey I’ll drive over and pick them up today” haha! I didn’t think he’d be as excited as me to get them.

R & K

If you’re the couple that appreciates creative wedding photography then we’re a perfect match for each other. Our availability is limited each year so be sure to contact us to enquire for our team to document your wedding day.

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