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Hi! We’re destination wedding photographers based in Sydney Australia, and we are lovers of weddings, of style, of family, the freedom of art to create, the gorgeous light and love & relationship. Our team of 4 {Bailey, Gabriel, Marija & Michael} are close knit friends, who have come together to capture the celebrations of love and life.

You will find our style of capturing weddings is loose, candid and laid back, and if you're the couple that appreciates photography then we're a perfect match.

Capturing your wedding isn't about poses or forcing you to behave in a certain way, instead we enjoy most in capturing the romance that comes naturally to both of you.

The Team

Bailey Wang

Director / Principle Photographer / Papparazzi
I enjoy using my Leica M camera because it’s discreet, and offers me beautiful control of light. I love its simplicity because I don’t need to think about anything else except for documenting your day. I don’t take myself too seriously, and I like to keep the day as casual, relaxed and fun as possible!

Gabriel Machado

Senior Photographer / Real-life Hulk
I love shooting weddings, something about capturing those special moments full of love and laughter….. makes me feel all fuzzy inside. My weapon of choice is the Canon 5d Mk3. I love meeting people and hearing their stories. I am not a morning person and I love my coffee.

Marija Machado

Senior Photographer / Mother Hen
I love my Canon. I love the colour red. I love weddings, I never get tired of seeing the dress, the shoes, the flowers… I love tea. I love the man to the left of me (even though he is not very funny)

Michael Phan

Associate / Lighting Holder / Asian-model Wanna-be
A cheeky and chilled ninja photographer hungry for capturing special moments and telling stories. I’m a softie for love songs, and lovey dovey moments. I’m the team’s coffee boy, I don’t mind I’m a coffee nut. Oh and the team muscle.

Social Media

From time to time we do next day glimpses, or even same days, on our social media profiles, so pop over there to see what we get up to over the weekend!

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So with our packages, we’ve made them as simple as possible, with two main distinctions between our Album Collections (crafted by the master artisans Queensberry), or should you be the couple that prefer to enjoy your photographs digitally, we offer documentation-only as well.

Our prices start from $3,000 for digital coverage, and from $5,400 with a beautifully handmade Queensberry album. The most popular packages we’ve come up with can be viewed here, though we are able tailor that’ll work for you as well.

Contact Us

We're so delighted that you've come across our work and are considering for us to document your day. Before we get there though, we'd like to take some time to get to hear about your story, about those moments before that brought you together, and the ones that you've grown with.

We like to keep it simple and casual; we'd hang out and chat, all night long even as it's important that we get to really know you. Much better than being somewhere we'd have to rush!

If you connect with our work, we can be contacted on 1800 768 578free call. To email us we can be contacted below or at

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